Grand Rapids Sub Customers

CGE 3.8Van's Logisic ServicesSB500'Bulkhead Flat
CGE 7.8Abassador Steel Corp.SB Gons
CGE 7.9Weekes Forest ProductsNB Centerbeam Flat 
CGE 8.3Michgigan Rail & StorageSB Centerbeam Flat
Covered Hoppers
CGE 14.9Flat Rock BaggingNB   
CGE 14.9Packaging Personified, Inc.NB   
CGE 19.6Kent City Farm & GardenNB   
CGE 25.2V&P ProduceNB   
CGE 29.3Willbur-Ellis Co.NB   
CGE 36.2Michigan Agricultural
Commodities (MAC) Elevator
NB Covered Hoppers2
1. Centrbeams of Lumber are sent to the GRE to the CM for unloading at the Meijer DC 11 Building 3, where up until 2007 all Vans unloading took place.
2. Six axel locomotives are prohibited from the industry tracks. The elevator recieves bulk shipments of cars.

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