Ludington Sub Trains

Marquette's Road Train, goes on duty at 1900 at Baldwin station, and serves the yards at Manistee and Ludington. Before leaving Baldwin, they will add and cut cars from their consist that are being stored, or serviced before heading to their final destination.
Upon leaving Baldiwn, the train will proceed to Walhalla, where they will cut the train, leaving the Ludington cut, and heading up to Manistee with their inbounds. After swapping cuts in Manistee, the train will head back to Walhalla, cut away from the Manistee outbounds, and take the Ludington cut to the MQT world head quarters depending on the day, the crew may wye the train on the way in, using the lead to the Dow Chemical plant.
The Ludington Yard Job goes onduty between 10a and 2p to switch Dow Chemical.